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Mission Statement June 3, 2006

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HOPE International is a registered Irish charity NO. CHY 12362 (NGO) established in 1998 in response to the internal conflict in Eastern Europe at that time. HOPE is a strictly non-profit organization and most of its members work as volunteers in the field. HOPE stands for ; ‘ Helping Orphaned Peoples Everywhere’ and the charity was established primarily to alleviate the incredible hardships suffered by orphans etc in the former Eastern Block.

Since that time HOPE has expanded to cater for the needs of all suffering people through out the world and we now operate in many countries providing food, shelter and livelihood assistance the world over. Our commitment to alleviating poverty and suffering is our primary motive. And our proven track record is evident in much of the less developed world.

In response to the Tsunami of December 2004 HOPE International sent a five man team to Aceh province in January 2005 to establish emergency response and rehabilitation projects. In the year since then we have helped many families to reconstruct their lives in the wake of that disaster. We have an MOU with Dinas Pendidikan and have also assisted many schools for cleaning and rehabilitation. We are extremely dedicated to the welfare of the less well off especially in Indonesia. At the moment we have received funding from UNDP to continue our projects for at least another 6 months. Our commitment to these projects and the welfare of those most affect is paramount to everything we do in Indonesia and beyond.

Cathal O Connor .

Country Director.

HOPE International – Indonesia

Hello world! June 3, 2006

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